Saturday, July 17, 2010

Erlie Bobadilla

I have been in the Nursing Profession for two and half decades now and I can say that I am a living witness that the Theory of Self Care by Dorothea Orem became one of the foundations of Nursing Practice across all settings. Orem’s Theory can be applied to nursing assessment and evaluation of the nursing process where the emphasis is on the importance of how one’s ownself is important for maintaining life,health development and well-being.Nurse can easily make her assessments only where there is direct contact between her, the client, and the client’s family.

We all know that the nurses’ role wherever we are, is to help client sick or well to maintain or achieve level of optimal health and wellness of all our patients.We nurses must act as teacher,support person,friend,creating a conducive and therapeutic environment to all clients.
Nursing is the act of caring,nurturing and healing but as always it goes beyond simply caring for the patient with illnesses and diseases,it’s also caring for the person inorder for him/her achieve the optimal health and wellness both in body and spirit.
Sad to say,at present ,this is not really happening.Nursing now becomes a job not a vocation.Some people took nursing only to go abroad and earn money,to be able to provide their families with the material needs they want,to be able to give comfort to their families if working overseas,if working in the Philippines,their goal is to gain experience so they can work abroad.They are not really there for their patients.Most of them are task- oriented rather than patient-oriented.

Abroad we have all the latest technologies,computerize machines that we can use in rendering  and delivering care to all our patients,we connect them to monitors but we often forget that by simply touching our patients could make them feel well and even better. So I am calling all nurses,we have to act as advocate for our patients and let them feel that we are here for them to support and assist them till they achieve full recovery as guided by D.Orem’s theory. We have to let them know also that machines can help them for the diagnosis of their disease but we have to let them feel that we are always around 24/7 for them.

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